Thursday, 24 May 2012

Resentment is Like Drinking Poison......

Yesterday I was confronted by several instances of angry rude people venting their frustration about their life on others. This sort of behaviour seems to be becoming the norm in every day life. Out there, it seems, in the world are a whole horde of people who have grown up angry or are just plain embittered in life because things havent turned out how they want them to or people havent given them the respect that they think they deserve. I always keep this in mind when I am being good and reflecting on my day like my 12th step programme requires of me (yes i do follow one), that when I am in a good space, I love everyone, even the people I dislike muchly, and I am helpful and polite and all is well in Paula's little world. But when something in my world is not right and I am angry, discontent and ill at ease, I can tell by my thinking and my behaviour towards others. I can get pissed off with anyone and anything and have been known to fly off the handle at the stupidest littlest things. Its not the little thing that I have made a mountain out of a mole hill about that is truly bothering me and making me behave with uncontrollable anger, but the thing that turns me into a monster is generally what has been making me fell discontent and ill at ease. Then I have to identify what is going on in my life that is causing this distress. I usually do not have to look to far. The problem always somewhere within me. When my finances are threatened or my selfesteem is affected  or my sense of security is threatened, it makes me feel out of control and in my attempts to fix myself, I try desperately to control other people and other areas of my life and often fail badly because I am angry and resentful. When I recognise whats really going on for me, I need to address these feelings and remember that I can only change or control what I can, and if I can't change something  or someone (as is usually the case with me) I have to let it go before it destroys me.

Some very wise person once told me this and it is so true: "Resentment is like drinking poison and expecting

Someone else to die, it isn't going to happen and the pnly person that it harms is yourself"......

                Don't get angry, get wise

By the way, this was my favourite blog post yesterday from Kathryn Warner

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  1. True words, Pauline!

    The Buddha once said to a man who was angry with him,'If you give someone a present that they can't use, and they give it back to you, who then owns the present?

    The man replied (somewhat sullenly, I'd imagine) 'I would'.

    'Well, I can't use your anger,' the Buddha replied' 'so you still own it!'

  2. Ha ha Satima thats so cool! I love all these wonderful spiritual sayings! Thanks for your comment

  3. I would like to know more about your '12th Step Program Paula. We all have dark days and times of uncertainty and although science has improved our lives, many of us are still lonely inside. Insecurity and anger is all around us as the modern world piles pressure upon us to conform to certain stereotypes. With all this and the decline of family life and our standards of living, the 21st Century is rather like a pressure cooker. Well, that's how I feel about it anyway, so I can relate to your feelings.

      You can read about it here but the 12 steps can be used for any problem you might have.