Sunday, 20 May 2012

A great website and morning thoughts

Check the above out. I found this via a friend who was posting about trade cards in the 1600's. I love learning the history of places and this seems like a really vibrant account of Spitalfields in East London. The book looks amazing too and the author's promise to write an account everyday is an awesome task.

Well morning thoughts: If you're anything like me, you'd be waking up this morning, tired and listless and thinking, "Do I have too?" get up that is. I just want to lay in bed and veg and I feel anxious and depressed. But. I force myself up, stagger downstairs and come too eating a bowl of cereal and drinking tea. Then its like, right, what am I doing today? Then I start mapping out a plan for the day and if He's lucky I may talk to my Higher Power, I go upstairs, brush my teeth and then sit back in bed (well, I had my gall bladder out on Monday, I'm still recovering) and think, I'll just check my facebook (I have two profiles so it takes over an hour) and then its like WTF, its Lunchtime nearly! Bugger that. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll get my shit together and start living again! For now, I'll just take the day as it comes, but you know, there are worse things in life that I could do..........


  1. Your morning sounds so similar to mine. But Sunday is my favorite's the only day, that's quiet and peaceful. A day when I can sit and daydream and even write a few pages of my novel. Chas and Dave summed it up nicely:

    "Sundays I like most of all,
    I hang around the house in my socks as a rule,
    I get busy doing nothing at all,
    On Sunday!"

    Good luck with this blog :)

    1. Thanks Clement, I look forward to having you on as a guest!