Saturday, 19 May 2012

The wonderings of a confused mind

I do like to peruse on stuff, and so I was wondering, on facebook at the moment,  there has been a lot of talk about Anne Boleyn dying today in 1536 which is utterly sad and all that and I think its okay to mark today with some kind of RIP for her, however, I do think that all the gushing about her on certain groups and the wonderfully flamboyant and sex-ridden The Tudors tv show and so on have turned her somewhat into an article of fed-upness, you know, "I'm fed up with that programme, or person etc etc because everyone keeps going on about it!" Poor Anne, I'm feeling a tad sorry for her memory now.

Anyway, onto other things, another piece of stuff that has been bothering me is that, having been on a forum about the Real Richard? which endeavours to find out the truth about Richard the Third's character, its been bothering me a bit as to what Henry Tudor's manifesto was that brought him back to England to fight Richard for the throne? I mean, was it "he's a short hunchback, with a whithered arm and a nasty evil mind and took the crown from a small boy?" or was it "I'm going to be a better king than you?" I mean, how does that happen? That someone with a sketchy claim can say, I want to be king and I'm gonna fight you for it?"

Just wondering, you know. Any thoughts on this?

Have a nice day y'all!


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