Monday, 21 May 2012

Domestic Abuse: The buck stops with our generation

This link is about the horrific story of a man who blinded his own partner.

My apologies for posting this link here but I feel its important to not be afraid to talk about this terrible topic: Domestic Abuse.

I saw this lady on t.v. this morning and I was so disgusted that I felt sick. What kind of a man does this to another human being. I wouldn't even degrade animals by calling him one. Creature, Monster is the only way I can describe him. What an awful thing that in this world, society can raise, nurture and allow someone like this to get away with the attitudes and mindset that he had been developing. He wasn't born like this, so how did he become like it? What awful upbringing did he have that can have turned him  into the monster he is? He was said to have been banned from pubs in his local area and had attacked a policeman in 2010. He was powerfully built and known to be violent.

This creature even claimed that he had been protecting himself from her, stating that he had been trying to calm her down when he launched his horrific attack. Tina stated that she had been asleep at the time. He also broke her nose and jaw. Her thirteen year old son and 3 year old son were asleep in the room next door. She came too after he had been beating her unconcious 3 times and he told her that her eye was hanging down her face and that she would never see her kids again. Are you feeling sick yet? I was. Sickened that this young woman with two young kids will never be able to live a normal life again thanks to that monster.

But, we have to ask the question? What leads a man to behave in this manner? Why is he such an angry man? I think its not enough that we lock this bastard up. We have to look at how our young people are being raised. I'm not out for blaming parents, because its often learnt behaviour. Some men/women are predisposed to becoming victims, others are pre-disposed to becoming the abuser. Often we parent the way that we were parented, sometimes without even realising it. So its not difficult to see that we are sometimes being programmed to repeat the behaviours of our parents. More has to be invested in family services if we are going to go anywhere near getting a grip on this problem.  Mental Health Services need to do more to stop a child from falling through the loop when they reach 18. Perhaps there should be a seperate intergrated service for 18-25 year olds that helped young people cope with life in the big wide world. 20 years ago, when Shane Jenkins was only 13, there may not have been the services in place to identify a potential abuser, if there had been, Shane might have been saved a jail life sentence and Tina Nash may not be blind.

We have a duty to our young people to help them grow up well balanced, self-valuing people. We of this generation are the creators of the next. Well lets try creating a better breed of human being than the Shane Jenkins of this world. Our own kids could be the next victims....

Please share your thoughts with me.


  1. What I found as disturbing is that a newspaper gave him a forum to, once again, point the blame at her, giving him the opportunity of trying to defend his disgusting behaviour and stating that he 'isn't all bad' etc etc.... This was kindly published on Saturday, on her birthday, just unbelievable that the press felt this was a justifiable decision to make, once again making her feel like a victim, in no way able to defend herself against his excuses.

  2. I know Niki its disgusting isnt it? I just hope that she can get on with her life and maybe someday they can restore the sight in her remaining eye.