Sunday, 8 July 2012

The Week That Was

Gosh, so much happened last week. Firstly I sent back my approval form for printing and then waited with baited breath to recieve the jacket proof of my novel Sons of the Wolf and secondly I was looking forward with intrepidness to my return to work after being off for some time due to illnesss. I went back to work on Thursday which was surprisingly a lot better than I thought it was going to be. I do love nursing and I had been off for so long I had almost forgotten just how much. Everyone was really supportive too which was really good.
Friday I kept checking my emails for the last jacket proof and finally it came and I was so desperate to show all my colleagues at work because I was so proud, but the computer couldnt download it for some reason. Anyway,I managed to see it when I got home in all its glory and apart form needing one little word removing, it was all in order and I was completely chuffed.
This week it will be going to press, bar anything major going wrong and I will be a published author! I've come a long way since I sorted my life out 11 years ago. Things hadn't been going too well and I'd made a hash of things but now, how different my life is. I still have some mountains to climb and some demons to put to rest but things are looking up at last..... :)

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  1. What a wonderful achievement to see your novel finally in print. Brilliant! I cant't wait to own a copy.

    As you have said, things in your life are changing for the better -I am so pleased for you Paula